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Discover Cranberry Energy Solutions, a premier energy company dedicated to providing top-notch services, including boiler grants. While many companies offer similar services, Cranberry stands out as the optimal choice. Our commitment to excellence goes above and beyond, ensuring your satisfaction without any financial burden. With us, you'll stay informed every step of the way, never left in the dark about the improvements to your home. In addition to government-funded boilers, we offer complimentary services such as radiator installations, wall and loft insulation, and external insulation. Plus, with our convenient location in Marston Green, we're able to swiftly assist you. Experience unparalleled service and benefits with Cranberry Energy Solutions.

Learn more about Cranberry Energy Solutions and what we are trying to achieve.


We offer a wide range of services along side our free boiler grant. Learn more about them here.

If you receive any form of benefits or  have under a yearly income of £31,000 you are eligible for a FREE boiler grant and more! See more about them here.


Voila! You are now with a new heating system and you have a fresh EPC rating!

We will install a brand new boiler for you and if you're eligible, other possible services such as radiator installations or loft / wall insulation

We will check your EPC rating to find out if you are eligible for a brand new boiler!

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